6 reasons people are moving to Texas for living

Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. Many people are moving to Texas for a living. Some are buying homes near Texas State so that they can easily commute to Texas. Here are the main reasons that we got from Sarah’s Real Estate Transaction Checklist on Youtube.


There are lots of job opportunities in Texas. There has been an unconventional oil and gas boom that helped Texas to become such a lucrative sport for job seekers. The growth is not only seen in the energy sector, but it is also prevalent in the tech, business, and manufacturing sectors as well. There are many high wages, blue collar jobs available. Texas has a huge military presence as well.

Low living cost

Houston is one of the cities that has a low living expense. The utility costs, transport costs, housing prices and consumer prices are low here. The ratio of the medium home price to median annual household income here is just 2.9, compared to 6.7 in San Franciso. It is very hard for people to buy a house who are living in New York, LA or San Francisco. The middle-class people in Texas can afford to buy houses.


The real estate sector is booming in Texas. The process of land acquisition is very efficient in Texas. Even buying a home near Texas State is easy. From getting a building permit to the construction of homes, the entire process is very quick compared to the other states. The land is widely available, and there are few regulations in place.

Low tax

Texas is the only state in the U.S. where the residents pay no personal state income tax. There are tax incentives for businesses as well. The legislations lower the proposed business taxes.

Family-friendly environment

As the housing value is very good in Texas, it has become a very popular place for families. Here you can get a reasonable mortgage, good schools, restaurants and other facilities. The education system is good here.

The people

The people in Texas are down-to-earth. They are unpretentious. They are easy to get along. So, people have a very healthy social life in Texas. You can make friends easily here.

Texas is a great place to live in. The wages in other states may be higher than that in Texas, but due to the expensive living cost, you save very little money. If you are thinking of moving to a different place, then you should consider Texas on your priority list. If you are interested in more information please visit this link: Realtors Available – Buy Homes Near Texas State