Los Angeles is an exciting city. In fact, it is one of the world’s most popular city owing to its reputation of being the home of Hollywood, where the biggest television, movie, and music starts converge. Living in Los Angeles means living a life filled with fun, everyday surprises, and celebrities. Also known as “The City of Angels,” Los Angeles is also an arts and culture melting pot, with museums, galleries, TV and movie studios surrounding the city.

Choosing a home in Los Angeles is easy, especially if you work with us here at AjaxSys. We offer you various home options, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs and your budget. Check out what we have for you:

Single-Detached Houses

This is best for small families who want privacy. Single-detached houses are not connected to any building, so you won’t be sharing your home with anyone else.
View our list of available single-detached houses HERE.

Duplex Houses

Duplex houses are for single families who do not mind sharing one lot with another family or resident. Although the house is not attached to a building, one wall is shared by two families so that the houses appear connected. The size, design, and layout of the houses are usually the same.
Check out AjaxSys’ duplex homes on THIS PAGE.

Multiple Unit Houses

Examples of multiple unit homes include the condominium and the apartment.


This housing unit has become more popular over the years. Perfect for families and individuals who prefer living in a building, this is a modern representation of a home. The units have different sizes: studio, one bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom units. There is a shared lobby, and most condominiums have gyms, swimming pools, and play areas for kids.
Click THIS LINK to get more information about available condominiums in Los Angeles.


Apartments are stand-alone housing units that may or may not be housed in a building. Ideal for newly married couples and friends sharing living expenses.
You can choose from a list of available Los Angeles apartments HERE.

The Studio or Bachelor’s Pad

Made specially for bachelors, bachelorettes, and students, the studio or bachelor’s pad is a small unit housed in a building. It does not have rooms or divisions. So the living room often doubles as the bedroom (thanks to the sofa bed!), while the kitchen and dining rooms are one and the same.
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